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Electrostatic Painting

Frequently Asked Questions

How does electrostatic painting work?

The object to be painted receives a positive electrical ground. The paint receives a negative electrical charge. The positively grounded object then attracts the negatively charged paint, much like a magnet attracts iron fillings.

These opposing forces actually pull the paint toward the object being painted. The primary benefit of electrostatic painting is that it eliminates the messy overspray and drifting of paint, that is normally associated with conventional type spray systems.

What are the advantages of Electro-Glo's painting service?

• Portable equipment – on site.
• Clean dependable service.
• Detail oriented work procedures.
• No unloading of desks or files.
• No risk of lost records.
• Work is done on your schedule (not ours)
• All refinished items are put back into position, the next morning.
• Touch durable catalyzed urethane coatings.

What should I do before the technician arrives to work on my project?

1. Furnish an inventory of items to be finished.
2. Mark pieces to be done with tags or tape for easy identification.
3. Arrange to have work area cleared before technician arrives.
4. Caution personnel to be careful of new finish for up to 2-3 days.
5. Provide access to and from building and select a contact for the paint crew.
6. Arrange a mutually agreeable time to start the work.

What type of paint is used and why?

On outside applications we use a 2-part poly urethane.

On inside applications we use a 2-part polyamide epoxy that offers durability, Impact and mar resistance, and has superior adhesion.

Are there paint odors?

Yes, But it is not harmful. We come in and paint after normal business hours. We do require air ventilation systems to be left on. In some cases, we can provide special methods to reduce and help eliminate the natural odor of paint.

Waukesha Wisconsin Electrostatic Painting

Waukesha Wisconsin Electrostatic Painting

Waukesha Wisconsin Electrostatic Painting

Waukesha Wisconsin Electrostatic Painting

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